Currently Under Development

Universal Countdowns

We are currently developing Universal Countdown Android App’s similar to our WDW ones. There will be a free widget version and a paid live wallpaper version.

Holiday Countdowns

We are currently developing Holiday Countdown Android App’s similar to our other countdown applications. The Holiday’s bring special events to the Orlando area and we would like to capture pictures from those wonderful events and add them to a vacation countdown so many people can enjoy!

Family Bible Study Android App

This app is born out of our own family Bible studies. God has put on my heart to take up the responsibility that I feel He already gave be but I was neglecting of doing a family Bible study.

It’s a pretty simple app, I wanted to keep it simple and keep the studies short, essentially this is exactly what we have used in our own family studies. I am working on a framework where when we finish the next book as a family (currently we are working our way through Mark), I can take the family studies I have created and plug them into the framework to have a new “Family Bible Study” App.

More than anything the goal of this app is to make it easy for families to have something simple to dig into. I have a working app for Revelation BUT I don’t believe I can use the NIV that I do our own studies in, so I need to convert this over to a free Bible version (I believe KJV is free) and then I can release’s not as fancy as other studies out there but it works and it is convenient.


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